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2014 Reading Challenge
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Bittersweet - Sunday James **Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove.**

Opening Lines“As the sun finally begins to sink lower in the sky, I stare at the piles of trash neatly stacked up in the dumpster with a smile on my face, drawing in a last breath of the warm summer air before I head back inside.”Bittersweet was a good New Adult read, I found that it flowed well and had a cute small town appreciation. I had some problems being able to connect with the characters but I really loved how Greg wasn't the typical New Adult jerk-character that seems to be in almost every book. He was genuine and so sweet! And Cathy, as much as she had plans to get out of town she said to take care of her father and you can see how much she loves her family.

There was obvious chemistry between Cathy and Greg that just seemed to get hotter and hotter as the story progressed. I really enjoyed the writing style and how descriptive Sunday James was. I felt like I was really seeing Dogwood and it made me love the small town atmosphere more.

What kept Bittersweet from getting 5 stars?

As much as Bittersweet was an interesting read and had good characters I couldn't connect with any of them. There wasn't really anything about them that made me love them or hate them. I felt like there was so much we weren't told about Greg's character. We learned about his past but I still felt there was a lot missing. Also, this book was told completely from Cathy's POV. I would have probably enjoyed this more if there was at least a view chapters from Greg's POV, this would allot for the readers to really get inside his mind and to better understand him. Another issue I had with Bittersweet was I found there was just too many things taking place! It's was like the sub plot had a sub plot and made it very hard for me to follow he story at times.

Overall, Bittersweet was a cute read! As much as I had some issues with it, I did find it to be a pretty good debut novel for Sunday James. Will I be continuing with this series? Maybe, I'll need to read the synopsis first to see where she plans to take the story.