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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Lust - Diana Raab **This review was originally posted on my old blog for a blog tour on September 23rd, 2014. An updated version can also be found on my new blog Bookish Wanderlove.**

“If you know lust like I know lust
you know how it grabs you
in places that feel so good,
in a way that trumps tomorrow.

It snatches and strangles our pasts away
and forges forbidden futures,
while injecting needles of pure pleasure
into any artery receptive to its dose.”

The Book / Cover - Presentation is everything, right? When I received Lust in the mail I wasn't expecting it to be so beautiful! The picture above does not do this book justice of how beautiful that cover really is. This book this thin and really light, but what I love the most is how soft it is. This might sound weird, but there is just something about it's softness and the way it sits in my hands that just added to the whole experience of reading Lust.

So far I've read Lust twice. The first time I read Lust I was on the subway heading home and I know for a fact that the other passengers were able to pick up on what I was reading due to my facial expression and the cover. Let's just say I don't have a good poker face. I wasn't uncomfortable with reading this in public but it's just something I probably would have wanted to read at home for my first read. The second time I read Lust I was curled up in bed with my mug of tea and had a thunderstorm for background music. And this was a perfect way to read Lust in my opinion!

Lust covers the highs and lows of intimacy. I found myself to be completely lost within the words I was reading, at times I felt like I was in the book. I really believe that Lust just has a way of pulling different emotions out of it’s readers, wither it be passion, sex, or the hunger and thirst for someone.

I don't think I can say that I have one poem that is my favourite (this may change), every poem touched me in a different way but some of the ones I constantly read over and over again are What Women Want, Muse Me, Found, My Morphine and Protection. These were the poems that I found myself connecting with the most, I'm not sure why exactly but these poems were the ones that just grabbed me. This doesn't mean I didn't connect with the other poems because I most certainly did, there isn't a single poem that I didn't like.

I have to say though I was a little surprised with some of the reviews I read in which people have said they couldn't really relate/connect with Lust because of the topics and because they weren't in a relationship. It doesn't matter if your in a relationship, married, single or what, we all feel love, we all want love. It's just this standard emotion that we all want to feel and I really believe that Lust just has a way of pulling different emotions out of it's readers, wither it be passion, sex, or the hunger and thirst for someone.

Overall, Lust was a wonderful selection of poems. I'm so happy that TLC Book Tours allowed me to take part in this blog tour!