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2014 Reading Challenge

2014 Reading Challenge
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Hidden Heart

Hidden Heart - Measha Stone *Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove*

3.5 Stars

Opening Lines
"True love was a myth spread among generations of single women to encourage them to continue their search for the man of their dreams. Jessica Stanley knew better. She’d called off the hopeless scavenger hunt a year after turning twenty-five."

Hidden Heart was an interesting and quick read. I liked Jessica's character, she's a strong and independent woman that keeps men at a distance. Although we get little snippets into her past, I would have preferred if there was at least a chapter decimated to her past. I felt like the info we got left some unanswered questions. While I really liked Jessica's character I couldn't fully connect with her, I wanted to know more about her and I think that's what hindered the connection. I wanted to know about her family, I wanted to know what happened (in detail) with her ex-boyfriends while at UIC, I just wanted more!

Although I felt like there wasn't much we knew about Royce I really liked his relationship with Jessica. I think there a perfect match because Jessica doesn't give into Royce easily, but Royce wants more than just sex and he manages to break down Jessica's walls after a little misunderstanding. Certain elements of this book, and the misunderstanding reminded me too much of 50 Shades of Grey, but once I was able to get passed that I was able to enjoy it.

I was expecting there relationship to grow over the course of this series, but it seems the next book focuses on a character in Hidden Heart, Kelly. I hope we still get to see snippets of Jessica & Royce though! And I'm really looking forward to Alex's story, I feel like he's a great character and I definitely want to see more of him! Overall, Hidden Heart was an enjoyable read! I read it in one sitting, cover to cover because I was so curious to see how things would play out between Royce and Jessica. Definitely intrigued to read about Kelly in the next book. Take a peek and read the excerpt included below!