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2014 Reading Challenge
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Don't Let Go

Don't Let Go - Nona Raines Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove

Opening Lines
“The stupid squirrel was to blame.
Or maybe it was her own fault. She should have been paying attention while walking Bobo. Instead, Annalee was distracted, thinking about the evening ahead and how much she wasn’t looking forward to it.”

I was looking for something quick to read that I had good and solid romance to it and luckily I found that with Don't Let Go. It's only 62 pages so I read it quickly in one sitting, and then went back to re-read it again. This had a strong start that had me giggling at Bobo and Annalee, and we don't have to wait long to see Eric. The minute Eric and Annalee interact you can just tell there is an attraction between them, so I was rooting for Eric since the 3rd page!

Nona Raines managed to pack a lot of information into this little thing, I didn't feel overwhelmed but there were some moments I wanted more detail about. I liked every single character, well...minus Denny, he was such a jerk and he didn't deserve her! She was minor but I think Dee was one of my favourite characters. Her little commentary and how she's able to really see through Annalee and understand how she feelings made me want to snatch her up and take her as my own best friend. I loved how protective Eric was of Annalee, you can easily see how much he really cares about her. It was just all so cute!

What kept Don't Let Go from getting 5 stars?

I know, I know. It's a novella Patty, get over it. But I just have to say this is the only reason why Don't Let Go didn't get 5 stars! It was way to short and had my mind trying to piece things together on my own. I would have looked to see Annalee and Eric's relationship really blossom, I wanted a more in-depth flash back to Eric's high school prom and more leading up to that night. I want more information how his history of feelings for her, what Annalee's feelings were the night of his high school prom. What was going through their minds after that kiss. And of course Eric's sister and Annalee's best friend Dee, she clearly has been observing them for awhile, why didn't she try to throw them together sooner?! Either way, this was still a really great read!

Overall, I really enjoyed Don't Let Go! I've re-read it more than 6 times, I'm not even kidding. It's a cute light read that I just can't get enough of. Although I really wish this was a full novel, especially since it had the potential I will most defiantly be keeping an eye out for anything Nona Raines publishes next! Would I recommend Don't Let Go? Yes, if you want a cute romance then pick this up! Just remember it's a novella.