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2014 Reading Challenge
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Blocked - Jennifer Lane **Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove.**

"As I plopped down on the bleachers and scanned my new teammates around me, one word came to mind: heaven. I wasn't the tallest girl in the gym for the first time in my eighteen years on earth."
It is actually so hard to write a review for this book without giving anything away! For some reason the idea of Dane's mother and Lucia' father running for president made me hesitant to read this at first. I don't know why, but I wasn't sure how that would really be written in a way that readers could find it realistic. I didn't really know what to expect when I started this, I was really looking forward to reading something with sports playing a high role but was nervous about the election/politics. I will say this, the synopsis does NOT prepare you for the different issues Dane and Lucia encounter throughout Blocked.

We get to see this story from Lucia and Dane's perspective, which makes this story 10 times more enjoyable! I don't think I would have enjoyed this as much if this was only written from Lucia's point of view. Both character were amazing! I felt I could really relate and connect with them, especially Lucia, her insecurities made her real and easy for young readers and athletes to connect to. Their relationship was perfect! It gradually built and there was no cringe worthy insta-love. Now the secondary characters, I wanted more parts with Maddison, China, Allison and Brad! I only wish we got to see more of the friendship side of things.

Why is this not a series? I'm just going to sit her and continuously chant "SERIES!!" until it happens. On second thought, scratch that I might be here for awhile. With all the great characters we are introduced to I would love to read their stories and of course have a little Dane and Lucia in the background! Blocked made me laughing, shake my head and giggle at Lucia's awkward/embarrassing/but cute moments at the beginning with Dane, cry when things got tough, and smile at how everything played out.

The ending. OMG, I loved it!! This was the ending I wanted but didn't think I would get. Yes, I can understand why some readers might not be a fan of it but it makes the most sense and it's just a perfect tie up to everything that took place in Blocked.

What kept Blocked from getting 5 stars?

Don't let this list foul you! I'm a picky reader and the smallest things will jump out at me. These are somethings that I kept thinking about and I'm probably the only one that had questioned them.

- Situation overload!! - Although it all worked out in the end, I felt there were too many different things/topics covered in this standalone. Between Lucia's issues, Dane's issues, and their family issues it just seemed like a lot of things crammed into one, mind you it did all work out in the end!
- VP, where are you? - Now I know that Lucia's father and Dane's mother are running against each other for US President but unless I missed it, which I'm pretty sure I didn't, there wasn't a single mention or indication about a Vice President. Uh, I found this to be kind of odd.
- Behind the scenes - I felt like there was a lot of things that happened that we didn't know about until it's mention as an after thought. For example, when Lucia talks to Dane's Coach. Moments like this had me scrolling back thinking I missed something.

Overall, Blocked was an awesome self discovery and coming-of-age read! This was filled with great characters, amazing character development and excellent writing. I wish this was released in paperback because this is a book I want sitting on my bookshelf! I recommend this to all Young-Adult and New Adult readers!