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2014 Reading Challenge
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Just Not Ready Yet

Just Not Ready Yet - Brooklyn James 3.5 Stars!!

Opening Lines
“Keep on…keep on keepin’ on,’ Jack Ingram & The Beat Up Ford Band floods out of the speakers of a 1972 convertible Ford Bronco.
Hunter Bowie, a sandy-haired blue-eyed Texas A&M student, sits at the wheel of the customized maroon and white Bronco, proudly touting his school colors. Flagrant decals―Gig ’Em, I Bleed Maroon and Fear The Aggies―line his bumper.”

Just Not Ready Yet was a book that blew me away. I love reading a good romance story but this one just had elements to it that I wasn't expecting. This was my first read by Brooklyn James and I'm definitely interested in reading more of her future work.

When I first read the synopsis I gathered the fact that she's still dealing with the lost of her husband, but the flashbacks throughout this book were beautiful, my eyes were constantly watering! Trust me when I say those weren't the only moments my eyes were watering. Although the writing style was a bit hard for me to follow at times, the way Brooklyn James sheds light on her character is just amazing. I wanted happy endings for everyone!

Here I thought I would be getting a cute romance story with the Western setting. This did have the Western setting, but there was nothing cute about the romance! Now, let me elaborate on that before you get the wrong idea. I thought Charlie would experience a simple romance, something obvious and one that she would have to second guess if it was worth opening her heart again. What I wasn't expecting was to be so emotionally invested in Just Not Ready Yet! I didn't want to put this book down, every chance I got I read a couple of chapters needing to know who she would end up with and how the story would all tie together in the end.

I couldn't even imagine going through what Charlie went through, plus the "secrets" that come out. The life lessons and hidden message throughout Just Not Ready Yet were so inspiring. Overall, Just Not Ready Yet was a great romance read! This book had get characters, was emotional, great life lessons, and add in sprinkle of hotness!