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2014 Reading Challenge
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Bound to the Bachelor

Bound to the Bachelor - Sarah Mayberry Review Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove

**I received an advanced copy via NetGalley from Tule Publishing in exchange for an honest review.**

Opening Lines
Go in there, ask the question, deal with his answer. Easy peasy.

Or so she thought! Now THIS was an enjoyable read!

This was my first time reading anything published by Tule, and I will definitely be adding them to my list of favourite publishers on NetGalley. This was a quick read (only 184 pages) that left me wanting more! I found Bound to the Bachelor to be such a refreshing read. It was realistic, cute, funny, and had elements that I just didn't see coming! There were so many moments that had me smiling and giggling. And the attraction between Lily Taylor and Beau Bennett...WOWZERS!!

His hand lay palm up on the table between them, waiting for hers. Feeling ridiculously nervous, she reached out and set her hand in his. His gaze pinned to her face, he turned her hand over, his thumb sliding sensually across her palm. A jolt of electric awareness raced up her arm and through her body, setting off fireworks in places that hadn’t seen a man in more than a year.
“That’s why I keep my distance,” he said, his voice very deep.

Lily and Beau were quite the pair! Beau is just hot. Poor guy has been walking a thin line trying to keep Lily at a distance, and it ain't easy fighting that kind of attraction! I loved Beau from beginning to end, there wasn't a moment that I found him to be that "annoying hero" type. He's just PERFECT. Now Lily just thinks Beau hates her and that's why he keeps his distance, boy oh boy was she ever wrong! I automatically loved Lily, she's the kind of girl I want as my best friend! My heart broke when we learn about her past and the horrible things she's had to endure, but she doesn't let it ruin her! She's a strong character that has a lot of sassy :).

While there wasn't anything I necessarily hated about Bound to the Bachelor there was only one thing that I wasn’t too impressed with. I felt like Lily and Beau's relationship quickly turned into insta-love. There has always been a intense attraction between Lily and Beau but I felt like the last chapter/ending wasn’t well developed in terms of their relationship.

One bachelor down, 5 more to go!!